Prof. Mrs. Goski Alabi is an academic, a consultant and an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 15 years of professional experience in academia, consultancy, regulation, advocacy and business.

One of Africa’s leading experts in total quality management, strategic leadership and corporate governance. Prof. Mrs. Alabi serves on several public, corporate and international boards and committees.  She is currently, the West Africa Representative of the Executive Board of the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) (from March 2017), Vice-Chair of the African Network for Internationalization of Education (September 2016 to date), Member of the Laweh Open University College Board of Governors (January 2017 to date), Ghana’s Representative to the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Contaminants in Foods (2015 to date), Member of the Team of Experts of the African Quality Rating Mechanism of the African Union Commission (2015 to 2016), and Member of the ISO Technical Committee on Consumer Policy (COPOLCO) (July 2014 to date).


She is also a Member of the Board of the Centre for Local Government Accountability (September 2014 to date), Member of the National Codex Committee, Ghana Standards Authority (July 2014 to date), Member of the National Technical Mirror Committee for Cocoa – Ghana Standards Authority (May 2014 to date), Member of the National Technical Committee for Labelling – Ghana Standards Authority (October 2014 to date), Member of the  National Technical Committee for Agricultural Products – Ghana Standards Authority (April, 2010 to date), Member of the National Technical Committee for Food – Ghana Standards Authority (January 2014 to date),


Prof. Mrs. Alabi was Chairperson of the Interim Council of the Accra College of Education (2009- 2015), Member of the Board of the National Board for Professional and Technical Examinations (NABPTEX, 2009-2011), Member of the Board of Directors of TV3 Network Limited (2012-2015), Member of the National Assessors for the National Mathematics, Science and Technology Scholarships (MASTESS) in Ghana (2010 – 2012), Member of the National Technical Committee for Petroleum Products – Ghana Standards Authority – (2011-2014), and Member of the National Task Force for the Establishment of the Open Universities, Ghana, (2014 -2015).

Prof. Mrs. Alabi has background involvement in national and international policy and has participated in several International Policy and Standards meetings including representing Ghana as the National Delegate to the World Health Assembly (2005-2008), and a delegate to Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses, in Germany. She was also the West Africa Representative for the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) an international advocacy group from 2003-2007 as well as attending several International Organisations for Standardization (ISO) technical meetings.

She is a Full Professor of Quality Management and Leadership with a focus on Leadership and Management of Higher Education.  She is a Chemist and educationist by training with a BSc. in Chemistry and a Diploma in Education from the University of Cape-Coast, and a Food Scientist by profession with an MPhil in Food Science from the University of Ghana. Prof. Mrs. Alabi has a Doctor of Business Administration from the Swiss Management Centre, and a PhD in Business Administration from the Central University of Nicaragua.

She is also a quality management professional with the highest professional accolade CQP (Chartered Quality Professional) from the Chartered Quality Institute UK. She developed the first ever MBA in Total Quality Management on the continent of Africa. She is a certified Member of the Europe-Africa-Caribbean Liaison Committee (COLEACP) Inter Professional Association.

Prof. Mrs. Alabi is a highly published academic with over 70 scholarly journal publications, books, conferences and technical papers to her credit. She has also presented at several international conferences and has won twice, the best conference paper at the Clute Institute (2006 and 2014).

Prof. Mrs. Alabi is currently the Dean of the Centre for International Education and Collaboration (CIEC) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra and a Consulting Director at the Laweh Open University College, Accra. Prior to her appointment as Dean of CIEC, she served as the founding Dean of the School of Graduate Studies from 2009 to 2016, at the University of Professional Studies, Accra. Starting from zero, Prof. Mrs. Alabi grew the graduate student population to about 1000 in six years with 9 distinct graduate programmes, earning the University the Ambassador Status from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP) in the United States of America.

She also served as the founding Coordinator for the University Research Publications from 2006-2009, founding Chief Editor of the Journal of Business Research, an international peer reviewed journal abstracted on the African Journals Online (AJOL) for 7 years, and currently, the only Academic Journal of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

She also proposed and facilitated the establishment of the Otumfuo Centre for Traditional Leadership and the Drolor Centre for Strategic Leadership, two leadership centres of excellence at the University of Professional Studies, Accra-Ghana. She has been the Chair of the Strategic Planning Team of the University from 2006 to date and the Chair of the Quality Assurance Implementation Committee from 2006-2016. She has also served on several university wide committees, including the Academic Board, the Development Committee, Appointments and Promotions Board, Research Committee, Library Committee, Academic Planning Committee and among others.

In the area of consultancy, Prof. Mrs. Alabi served as a framework consultant to the EU-Europe-Africa-Caribbean Liaison Committee (COLEACP) as a Service Provider for Good Company Practices on the Pesticides Initiative Program (PIP) working with Fruits and Vegetable exporters in Ghana. She has provided training and consultancy services to several national and international organizations, including the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Ghana as a lead consultant on the National Quality Awareness Project (2007-2008); the Bank of Ghana, the Public Services Commission, the Architects Registration Council, the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building and Construction, University of Addis Ababa, Pravda Radio and many more.

She served as an academic auditor for the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and consulted for the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) on Quality Assurance and Policy related issues in Higher Education in Ghana as well as the Ministry of Education in Ghana. She has also led and participated in several international projects including those funded by the World Bank, the British Council, DAAD, DFID and EU Commission.

She served as Rapporteur-General for the Stakeholder’s Conference on the Conversion of the Polytechnics to Technical Universities in Ghana as well as for the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Conference of University Leaders 2016 in Ghana.

Prof. Mrs. Alabi also consults for the Association of African Universities (AAU) on quality assurance practices in higher education in Africa and co-edited the book titled “Quality Assurance Capacity Needs of Africa” published by the AAU”. She also consults for the African Union Commission as an Expert on the Africa Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM). She was also a focal person in the Europe-Africa Quality-Connect Project an Institutional Self Evaluation programme in 2011. Additionally, she was an expert on the TRAINIQ Africa Project in 2014-2015, a DAAD project to build capacity for internal quality assurance in higher education institutions in West Africa.

She has assisted several organizations to develop strategic plans both nationally and internationally and was the Technical Team Leader of the National Working Group for Quality Enhancement in Higher Education in Ghana, a CODESRIA Project.

As an entrepreneur, Prof. Mrs. Alabi was the co-founder and Consulting CEO of Pravda Radio 93.5 fm, an Accra based radio station before it was acquired and now runs as Vision1 Fm. She is also the co-founder and Consulting Director of the Laweh Open University College, the first accredited Open University in Ghana as well as several other private initiatives.

Prof. Mrs. Alabi has a passion for advocacy and is the Founder and President of the Consumer Advocacy Centre, a full member of the Consumers International. She is one of the four Consultants who drafted the Consumer Protection Policy for Ghana in 2008.

Goski is married to Prof. Joshua Alabi with two children, Naomi and Joshua Alabi (Jnr.)

She loves to spend her spare time to explore her passion for interior and exterior decoration, landscaping, reading and looking at pictures of beautiful buildings and sceneries.