Ghana’s educational system needs tremendous improvement

The Dean of the Centre for International Education and Collaboration at the university of Professional Studies, Accra, Professor Goski Alabi has decried Ghana’s educational system saying learning outcomes are pegged on a mediocre scale hence the scourge of graduate unemployment in the country.

The Professor of Total Quality Management said the teaching-learning process from the lowest level to the highest level of education has been stagnant for many years although there has been a lot of talk and activity around changing and modifying educational curriculum in the country.

According to her, these processes are not managed with quality assurance in mind or quality management methods in place.

“I feel very strongly that it is time for us as a country to reexamine our educational system and ensure that we have one that works for us, because if it doesn’t work the question of quality needs to be asked and asked strongly or else, we rethink the whole educational system,” she said.

“As a quality management professional, I believe in continual improvement and so I would say that yes, there is some room ¬¬for improvement and that is what we should be looking at.

“Improvement in the way we design our curriculum, our instructional methodology and simply put the way we teach.”
She added “the way we look at the sorts of learning outcomes that we are supposed to achieve, how we know whether what we are doing is working for us or not, whether there is any system at all to ensure that in terms of strict regulation is important.

“For now, we are all just talking, and the graduates are not feeling the expectations of industry. And the whole thing to me is looking like a system of certification instead of education, a scary phenomenon we should shy away from if we want to make global impact and produce for ourselves some quality problem solvers in the country,” she stated strongly.

Professor Alabi will address an inaugural lecture on Wednesday April 26, 2017 where she is expected to raise the key issues regarding the Quality of Education in Ghana.

The lecture is to celebrate he feat of attaining full professorship status in June 2016.

Ahead of the lecture, she has been engaging her followers on some of these key issues on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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